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Learn more about Yellow Letter Mentoring program. The perfect Yellow Letter Mentoring Program helps find you more motivated sellers. Get them in contract. Close more deals. Build a strong real estate team in less time and have fun as you grow your Real Estate business.

Yellow letter Mentoring group program

Get Your Frustration Out

Would you like to succeed in real estate wholesaling but not sure where to start?

Are you looking to earn more money and free up more of your time? 

You earn a good income over 75,000 in your 9 to 5 but want to work less hours. Or you don’t earn enough money to cover your current bills and know real estate wholesaling would change your lifestyle.

You want more time freedom to do more with your family or enjoy a hobby maybe even travel a bit.  Or you just simply want a business you can work from home on your own terms.

This is exactly how Terrance felt

Until he enrolled in our program ….

2- Stage

There is a real estate giant within we can unleash together by identifying your potential in this industry. Through the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program, we will not only focus on how to market for Motivated Sellers but we show you exactly what to do to set up your real estate investing business.  We spend a lot of time on the proven marketing systems and strategies so you close more deals with confidence.

Show you how to attract the right leads. Leads of Motivated Sellers that will choose to work with you over the thousands of real estate investors that will contact them.  Help you master your time and effort by automating your business. Share tips and tools that help you build your dream team.

There is a lot of free information out there. And there are people making the same decision you made to become a real estate investor on a daily basis. Stats proof that out of every 100 people that start a real estate investing business only 13 stick it out and succeed. Most of the ones that fail are the ones that try to do this without a mentor. They are the ones that look to save money by only opting into FREE trainings and mentorship.  The ones that become your top one percent are the ones that sacrifice their money to invest in a program and a mentor they have access to.  Free information is not always helpful.

In the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program, you will learn what all the successful investors know and make a habit.  What others do to earn more than six figures a year, or a month. Whether you have experience or none at all this is the perfect program for you.

You earn a good income over 75,000 in your 9 to 5 but want to work less hours. Or you don’t earn enough money to cover your current bills and know real estate wholesaling would change your lifestyle.

You want more time freedom to do more with your family or enjoy a hobby maybe even travel a bit.  Or you just simply want a business you can work from home on your own terms.  

3- Pat the Procrastinator

This is the newbie who wants to wait to learn everything before they start talking to sellers or closing deals.

They need to study more and get more worksheets they can analyse before they call a prospective seller. They are afraid some sellers may be rude. They don’t want to get on the phone and not know what to say to get the appointment to wholesale the deal. They are doing this alone and cannot afford to get nasty sellers on the line without knowing how to close them.

Rich from Virginia felt the same way until he enrolled in the program and had all his concerns answered. He received the support and encouragement he needed. He closed his first deal with more $20,000 in profit in less than 2 months. He is now very comfortable with any seller and has more deals in his pipeline.

That’s what Kay from New York felt until she learned how to use the tools, we provide in this program like our role playing and her accountability buddy;

If you see yourself in any of the above and you want do the work it will take get you on the other side of the frustration you have been feeling.

We can help you grow a profitable real estate wholesaling or investing business in a few steps.

Wendy’s Story

I have been in real estate over 25 years now. When I started, I knew nothing except I wanted to make sure my mom and three babies could live a lifestyle my husband had always provided for us. We were separated and I was broke. I had to grow up and take responsibility for my financial future.  I chose real estate as my vehicle. I studied from the person who created the real estate investing with no money or credit platform, Robert Allen. I invested in his one-week course that cost me over $7000 including the course, hotel, flight, food and all materials   I left the course owning and controlling 10 properties.  Having access to a mentor and a group of people who want the same things out of life changed my experience and level of success. 

I am in the field every day so I am up to date with the changes and market trends as well as the technology 

The book, The Outliers says if you have to put in 10,000 hours in any industry you are an expert, I have put in over 25,000 hours. I have trained thousands of realtor’s investors etc.  I have closed every type of deal you can imagine and have learned different ways of Creative Financing. 

My team and I are here to help you grow your business   Your success is our priority We can accomplish together.

Say YES to the reality of a successful real estate investing business you have been dreaming of.

In the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program, you get

  • Game plan call once you enroll.
  • Yellow Letter Mentoring Workbook
  • List of 250 Homeowners you can market to in the zip code of your choice
  • The template that makes sellers call you
  • All the Worksheets you will need
  • Step by step business set up
  • How to analyse your deals
  • How to make offers
  • Contracts
  • Agreements & Addendums
  • How to build your Dream Team
  • Access to MY DREAM TEAM
  • How to find and qualify your real estate agent
  • How and where to find Cash Buyers
  • How to market and sell your wholesale deals
  • How to qualify for credit lines
  • How to enhance your credit scores
  • Where to find Hard Money Lenders
  • Where to find Cash Partners
  • Scripts and Dialogues for every area of your real estate business
  • Role Playing calls
  • Q & A Webinars
  • 24-hour access to video trainings
  • How to Qualify the Motivation of a Seller
  • Private Facebook page
  • Support and Accountability
  • An Accountability BUDDY
  • Bi-weekly Live streams on Facebook and /or Instagram
  • Weekly YouTube video playlist
  • Mindset trainings that keep you on track
  • How to work with Vacant properties, Foreclosures, Expired listings, Probate, High End deals and more…

This program is valued at $1597

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“I purchased the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program and received my mailing list. I let it sit there. But every time I spoke to Wendy, she would tell me that until I do the steps, I would not close a deal So I finally stopped procrastinating and sent me letters out from California to Atlanta to a zip code I chose. I closed a deal two weeks after I started. I kept thinking there has to be something harder I needed to do. I was so surprised at how simple it was and how accessible Wendy and her team were. This was the perfect program for me. My confidence knowledge and experience has grown here. I feel confident I can do more deals. I also learned I can build a business I want to own”
of California & Atlanta

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