There are seven reasons that make real estate investing a great side hustle 

1- You do NOT need a license to get started. You are not selling houses so you don’t need to go to a real estate school. Then pass a test  after completing the class. Then take a State test  .And then find a Broker willing to hold your license and train you for a percentage of your closings, or a pay them a flat  fee per deal. This all can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars before you ever close a house  and cash a check.

2- You do not need good credit. Since you are not qualifying for a loan on the house your credit is not an issue . So you can get started while having credit issues and work on increasing your credit scores as you make money real estate investing . Having good credit scores opens the options you have to close more deals but not having good credit will not stop your success.

3- You do not need experience to close a deal.  But I would suggest you try to close a deal then invest part of your income on a mentor NOT a program that gives you no access to the mentor. Real Estate Investing is a earn as you learn business model.  Learning is KEY 

4-You don’t need a lot of cash.  I would be lying if I said you don’t need ANY cash. There are some fees that have to be paid to close the deal but you can partner up with others cover those.  Your main objective is to learn the wholesaling concept then practice the right way to close the deal 

5- You don’t need to put a lot of miles on your car. Most people have lost work because they were Ubering or Lyft.  Or they were delivering food or other items that put a lot of wear and tear on their car and body.  And had to put in LOTS of hours behind the wheel to make a few hundred dollars a week

6- You do not need to invest a lot of time.  Once you learn the activities that make money for a real estate wholesaler or birddog you wont need to invest 40 hours a week.   Or put in overtime hours to earn your paycheck.  You do want to invest money and time getting the knowledge  and building your expertise 

7- Its not a get rich quick scheme. Real estate investing is not a get rich quick business model. You don’t have to pedal products that have a shelf life. Someone will always have a real estate issue they need to solve fast. You don’t need to sign up thousands of people on your downline to make a few pennies.  While your upline makes thousands of dollars  a month selling you products that make you chase after new enrollees so the rat race keeps churning.  Closing one deal can make you earn what the top SVP’s in most MLM’s earn in a month with less headaches.

Yes real estate is a great side hustle that can give you  SVP corporate salaries.. And you can develop some great quality relationships that value you.   You will become a better leader and business owner if you take your real estate wholesaling business seriously.    Make this your next best side hustle Join the a community that wants to see you win and will support and guide you.   Our meetup is free to join 

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