1-The making of a diamond takes a lot of pressure and heat. Your real estate business makeover may feel like its too much pressure, but if you submit and embrace the process you will birth a diamond

2- Don’t quit on the process. Its the completing of the process that produces the diamond. You will never become valuable if you quit The process has a beginning and an end. When you get to the other side of end of the process you will create a better version of yourself.

3- Make a decision to get around people who dream BIGGER than you do and take more intense action to accomplish the dream than you do. Then develop the same work ethic they have in your business so you can remove those that show up with negativity instead of supporting the dream

4- Finish what you start. Hold on to the VISION that made you get the real estate license or the real estate investor program. You made a sacrifice to start don’t stop sacrificing until you implement what you have learned.
I used to tell my grandson finish what you start. He started a book and would not finish it until I insisted. But once he completed it a few kids were helped by his book Little Leos Life Lessons. The story of bullying You never know how many people will be helped by you finishing what you started .

5- Is there a DIAMOND in you? Because no mentor or coach can pull out of you what is not already inside of you. A mentor gives you a process or systems to help you take the steps to unleash the giant in you. But you must keep going until you see the sparkle of the diamond within Do you really want to be a real estate investor? A real estate investor is someone who invests money in real estate and makes money back on their investment. They do not quit until the see an ROI, a return on their investment. If you paid to get your real estate license do not quit until you make money as a real estate agent .

6- Keep the passion and enthusiasm that made you choose real estate investing as a vehicle to make more money. Its the process that develops a leader in you. The money maker inside of you. Focus on how you can complete a deal in the next 7 to 30 days. Reignite your WHY. Remember the pressure came to develop you not count you out.

7- Remind yourself I am a DIAMOND. I am a successful real estate investor. I close the deals I start in record time. I am fruitful in the real estate investing business. I dream bigger and I take more actions. I complete what I start. I am a Top Income Producing Real Estate Investor.

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Testimonial – Leroy of New York says I liked the program because I am a new real estate investor and I got a lot of hands on help in the program. I also like the way the material is shared I get one module at a time and not everything at once. It would make me feel overwhelmed.

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