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Get Your Frustration Out

1. Mastering My Marketing Mary

This is the person who On Rich form Virginia add more than $20,000 and time on their marketing. You get the phone to ring with potential prospects but can’t answer them all because you are not sure what to say …

Your frustration is, what to do next because I am getting too many calls and making no money in my real estate business yet. I need to make money now!

This is exactly how Terrance felt

Until he enrolled in our program ….

2- Talk Too Much Teddy

This person talks a lot to make sure there is no room for the prospect to rebuttal. You feel the more you talk the more the prospect will believe you know a lot about real estate investing. It’s often a nervous response or lack of experience that makes you respond this way.

This person also reminds themselves of other people’s horror stories with sellers.  You think talking will change your outcome.

That’s what Kay from New York felt until she learned how to use the tools, we provide in this program like our role playing and her accountability buddy;

3- Pat the Procrastinator

This is the newbie who wants to wait to learn everything before they start talking to sellers or closing deals.

They need to study more and get more worksheets they can analyse before they call a prospective seller. They are afraid some sellers may be rude. They don’t want to get on the phone and not know what to say to get the appointment to wholesale the deal. They are doing this alone and cannot afford to get nasty sellers on the line without knowing how to close them.

Rich from Virginia felt the same way until he enrolled in the program and had all his concerns answered. He received the support and encouragement he needed. He closed his first deal with more $20,000 in profit in less than 2 months. He is now very comfortable with any seller and has more deals in his pipeline.

That’s what Kay from New York felt until she learned how to use the tools, we provide in this program like our role playing and her accountability buddy;

IF any of these people remind you of yourself and you want to succeed in Real Estate Investing then look no further.

The Scripts Express was created just for you.

My Story

In my 25+ years in the real estate industry after marketing the main thing is mastering conversations with sellers.  From those you know to cold calls and everything in between the right script is the gamechanger…  
When I got started in real estate my broker Chuck McGill of ERA McGill encouraged me to invest in my scripts and dialogues so I could get more listings and more deals. Deals I could wholesale or buy and hold. It changed my income and lifestyle and now I can help you change yours.

In the Scripts Express you get

  • Video of the month
  • Roleplaying call of the week
  • Accountability buddy
  • Scripts workbook
  • Worksheets
  • Game plan Call: We cover every conversation you will have in your real estate business.
  • Personality types:
  • Closed Facebook Page
  • Script Flip Chart when you graduate the program
  • Certificate of Completion & so much more…

This program is valued at $997

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“I had spent a lot of money on my post cards and got my phone to ring. It was nonstop after mailing out ten thousand post cards. But I had not closed a deal since starting a year ago. I was very annoyed and disappointed. Then I came across Wendy Lovejoys Scripts training and enrolled. I was so impressed at how much access and support I received from her and her team. I used the scripts as instructed and closed my first deal which had a profit of $90,000 This was the best decision, I ever made … My confidence level is up and I can do more deals.”
Terrance, of Virginia

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