Top Producer’s use scripts because they already know the benefits  

1- When you are new, a script can help you focus on driving the conversation by, asking the right questions. Most newbies try very hard to wing it however, this can be costly as scripts are crucial to your real estate conversations. Scripts are as important as Michael Jordan practicing his dribble and three-point shots. The basics made him a master pro and still the greatest legend of all times, even though he was told he would never succeed in basketball.

2- Scripts help you collect necessary information without forgetting what information you need. One thing that most new agents and investors forget is, the information that will help them evaluate the property and the seller’s motivation. The scripts make you flow as you collect the important criteria and allow you to not get distracted by the seller’s mindset.

3- Once you have found your motivated seller, the goal is to build rapport while getting the information you need. You will need good information to, qualify the deal as an investor or the information to fill out your listing as an agent. The scripts and dialogues are an excellent way to chat with your seller without seeming fake. By building rapport, you make your prospect the focus, not just a paycheck or commission. Consider your scripts and worksheets as valuable. It’s the very same reason the doctor has you fill out a worksheet before he sees you. The worksheet not only tells him your issues it helps him build fast valuable rapport.

4-Role playing your scripts is powerful and necessary; read them verbatim before trying to change them. Scripts, once internalized, build your dialogue and develop your skills. This helps you ask great questions then listen for the answers. Put in the time every day to practice your scripts alone, then devote weekly time to role-play. Top producers practice the scripts with intensity and this practice time should be in your schedule.

5- Practice your scripts by reading them aloud and with others. Doing this often will begin to build your confidence when talking with your prospect.  Practice improves your closing ratio. Most investors and agents lose deals because they do not have a good response, their scripts are limited. Making time to practice is vital. Professional athletes always practice before a game and even during the off-season. For anyone who wants to succeed whether, in their career or at a hobby, practice is a significant activity that is the defining line between being mediocre and being great.

6- Scripts also help you engage the prospect in your conversations.  Don’t fight the scripts they work. Don’t edit the scripts, the scripts make you look like a professional salesperson. Whether you are an investor or a sales agent you are selling them on you. Scripts help you control the conversation instead of the prospect leading. The seller wants to sell and you will get them to sign with you if you master your scripts.

7- I help a lot of people save deals by changing their scripts and dialogues. Scripts give you the advantage because you only discuss what is most important to make the sale happen. The scripts give the prospect the value of working with you over the millions of people in real estate today. Scripts are what change your cash flow.

Thank you always,