Client Testimonials

I purchased the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program and received my mailing list. I let it sit there. But every time I spoke to Wendy, she would tell me that until I do the steps, I would not close a deal So I finally stopped procrastinating and sent me letters out from California to Atlanta to a zip code I chose. I closed a deal two weeks after I started. I kept thinking there has to be something harder I needed to do. I was so surprised at how simple it was and how accessible Wendy and her team were. This was the perfect program for me. My confidence knowledge and experience has grown here. I feel confident I can do more deals. I also learned I can build a business I want to own

of California & Atlanta

I have invested in a lot of trainings. I also put a lot of money into leads   I purchased over 10,000 Motivated Seller leads and different apps.  But when my phone I was lost.  I realized I had wasted a lot of money until I enrolled in her simple Yellow Letter Mentoring Program. I kept thinking she needed to tell me something more, it could not be so simple.  But it was.  I went from a year NO closings to making my first $90,000 check in a couple of months.  I was also thankful at the access I had to her once I enrolled in the program.   This program and Wendy Lovejoy saved me a lot of money and mistakes


Shannon Williams. Licensed Realtor & Real Estate Investor Friendly Agent Atlanta Georgia

The Scripts are amazing.   I would have lost some of my clients. But with what I learned from this program was able to handle rebuttals and control the conversation without thinking or hesitating… Which helped me close more deals.

Shannon Williams Realtor. Atlanta Ga

Wendy’s training got me the first real estate check in Queens New York.   I have used what she has taught me to have a thriving real estate business in South Africa.  I have used the scripts and dialogues and now have great investments myself.   I would say the investment to have her train me was a life changing event for me. She taught me step by step and I got my first check faster than most because I did the work. 

Erique Davids,

Real Estate South Africa

Shannon Williams-Harmon of Dreams to Reality Keller Williams share why wendy lovejoy is her mentor

“Top Producing Agent Shannon Williams-Harmon of Dreams to Reality Keller Williams real estate shares how the yellow letter mentoring program and Wendy Lovejoy have changed her real estate”

Shannon Williams-Harmon

Thank You Wendy! “I Learned a lot from you and you were always there for me. I will forever have love for you my sister and friend you are absolutely family to me.
Today I am able to help others because of you spending time with me. I can’t thank you enough but through my journey I am honored you were there for me and I thank the Heavenly Father for putting you in my life. Sincerely Respectfully”

Love You!

P.J. Thomas, Jr US Army

Solomon says he was completely satisfied

He learned from the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program and Wendy so much and it has helped his business The scripts were extremely helpful.


Saul Ventura Licensed Agent  Real Estate Investor Friendly Agent.   Long Island New York. The greatest thing about this program is how you inspire me to be greater than I was before … You taught me to be committed and I am ready… You also taught me to embrace and love the real estate investing process. I also see my dreams have no limit. I have a game plan and guidance. I got a buyer signed into a contract in less than a month. I also had my phone ringing with Motivated sellers after putting my envelopes in the mail. I could not have done it without you   Thanks so much.

Saul Ventura Licensed Agent

I have worked with Wendy for many years. She was one of my first mentors and quickly became a great friend and peer. While working with Wendy she explained early on how important Dialogues are to one’s success. As we worked together, she helped me understand and develop dialogues. During my career in the direct selling industry as well as corporate America | utilized Wendy’s methods extensively. Thanks to my friend and mentor, | have been asked to present products and services for some of the top leaders in the direct selling industry. Additionally, | have received many positive comments and invitations to present training information as well as products and services in corporate environments. I attribute my success directly to Wendy’s emphasis on proper dialogues and scripts. Wendy’s keen sense and extensive knowledge in this area enable presenters to explain products, Services and training in manner the audience can receive and understand. I highly recommend Wendy’s Training on Scripts and Dialogues. I believe if you follow the training you will see an immediate difference in audience participation and understanding. This will certainly lead to better sales, service and success in presenting. Better presenting equals better business success!

In closing | say “FOLLOW THE DIALOUGE” Wishing you much success,

Tony Constabile