Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Wendy to Coach You

Q- Do I need a license to became a real estate investor?

A- No, but you should invest in trainings. If you were to get a license most people Would invest at least $2000 and then have a broker hold their license and they would still have to invest in a training program and a farm area. You can invest less and start real estate wholesaling.

Q- Do I Need a lo of money to get started?

A- No, you can get started right away. We even offer an affordable payment plan.

Q- How soon can its close deals?

A- It depends on your learning curve and how coachable you are the program is pretty simple and with over 28 years’ experience in the real estate investing industry we can help you get there sooner

Q- What is the first step to get started?

A- You set up Get To Know Call. This take under 30 minutes. We answer all your questions. We do not try to sell you on joining us. We use the time to see if you are a good candidate for our program and you can see if we are the mentor that can help you reach your real estate wholesaling goals.

Q- Do you work with everyone?

A- No we believe if we are not the right mentor for everyone. We think it would waste your money and time as well as waste our time and investment in you if we cannot work as a mentor and student relationship. It creates very negative energy and we know that will not attract your goals So we start with the get acquainted call to see if we are the right fit to help you meet your goals.

Q- How do I get started today?

A- Three types of agents
1-Are you an Annie the new Agent. This is a person that is new to the real estate industry. You could be waiting to take the state test or just passed and joined an office. You are not sure what you should do to get a check from your results. And may be a little frightened that you have chosen this industry but do not have a game plan. Or you got into this industry to leave another but feel you have wasted time. You want results fast. You need to focus on the money-making activities but do not know what they are YET

2-Are you Mary in the middle This is the agent that has had a license for a few months or years and not making consistent checks. You have tried everything and a deal pops up now and then. You want to make this a successful business not a feast or famine situation. You have yourself and others to support You want real estate to be your gamechanger You want to know what technology and teams should be your focus.

3-Are you Sam the seasoned sales person This is a sales agent to Broker that has a business with no scalable systems. You are scattered. You need to understand how to grow while you carve out more time for the family You need more virtual training and a coach you can have access to as you need it

Q- Do I need a real estate license?

A- Yes, this is for licensed real estate agents or BROKERS.

Q- Do I have to ask my Broker about taking your course?

A- No, you are responsible for your own growth in the real estate industry

Q- Who is this training good for?

A- This training is good for the person ready to do the work to become a great agent and is coachable

Q- Who should invest in this program?

A- Anyone who wants to be a strong sales agent .

Q- I am new to the industry is this what I need?

Yes, the faster you start investing in training’s and a good schedule the faster you will build a great income.

Q- Do I need any experience?

A- No, Once you start the program we will help you get the experience you will need if you are coach able.

Q- What makes your program different from other programs?

A- Our program is affordable. We also have over 29 years’ experience doing real estate deals. The program offers more opportunity for intimate settings to be trained. You get time with the founder of the program and our program allows you to learn at your pace in a supportive encouraging community