If you want a career in Real Estate consider the following

If you want a career in Real Estate consider the following

If you would like a career in real estate here are something’s to consider Some feel they can learn on their own and make huge profits but don’t realize those that go that route end up failing and quitting Out of 100 who get started 87 fail and quit and 13% succeed Less than that become Top Producers and they are the ones who invest in their trainings and mentorship.

You can connect with someone who shows you their success by waiving a high line car or a mansion but are they actually in the real estate business? Or are they selling products, You can also end up being trained by those who have no skills or do not invest in their own mentorship. This is hurting the industry. Most feel they can do this alone with the FREE information but end up losing a lot of deals and money.

Choosing a program and a mentor has a lot of benefits
1- A mentor or coach can help you save money. As we just did for one of our latest students who was about to pull the trigger on a deal that would have cost her much more than the cash offer she was making. She did not know how to analyze the deal and was about to buy a huge headache. The house had hidden mold and foundation issues that were major.

2- There are some real estate foundations and language you don’t even know you don’t know until you get a mentor. Some think its about finding houses when it is really about finding motivated sellers and then educating them so they choose to work with you. Now you can find cash buyers or list the properties if you are an agent. You need a gameplan and a strategy that works best for your situation. Most people who join a gym do not get the same exact gameplan to loosing weight. Real Estate works the same. Everyone may come in for similar reasons but they don’t have the exact same starting point.

3- A mentor has expertise and experience. A mentor also has relationships you don’t have. They may have a team they can introduce you to. A mentor can show you the roadblocks before you get to them. We can show you exit strategies you may not have thought of or know how to execute.

4- Real Estate investing has many facets. You want to learn the industry before you can actually become a money maker in the business, I believe you can have great success if you slow down and learn the business instead of focusing on getting rich fast or meditating on the bills you have to pay. Real Estate Investing and Real Estate brokerage is about solving real estate issues for sellers and buyer. You become a therapist and salesperson and so much more.

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If you want a career in Real Estate consider the following

Real Estate Investors Need Mentors

I’m a real estate investor who started from nothing 25 years ago and now I am in front of you. You can talk to me or one of our other coaches to see if we are the right fit to work with each other in unleashing your real estate investing goals.

As a real estate investor, the question I get most is how did you get successful in this industry. My number one answer is I chose to invest my money in mentors. I found mentors that were willing to give me access to the information that made them successful.

  1. Choose a mentor that gives you an opportunity to learn from them. Someone who is doing what you want to do and has the experience at closing deals. They may have a good a course or their Social Media may be the best accesses to their knowledge.

  2. Invest in them and then listen to understand not to criticize. Most newbies look for what is wrong with not the process or the mentor and not within. Every mentor has something worth learning Just take one system they offer to learn it until it becomes a habit Embrace their teachings. You have no idea what they invested to master what they know so they can pass it on to you.

  3. Give the process some time Don’t look for overnight results. There is so much to learn when you want to become a successful real estate investor. You can start a diet today but you will not see results until you give it time. The time shows you what you understand and what you still need to learn.

  4. Mentors will save you the time of making the mistakes they made and the ones you are about to encounter on your own. It is great to choose a mentor who has been in the industry for at least 10 years. Once you have done ten years it equals to ten thousand hours in the field which makes you an expert.

  5. Find out what the mentor says are the money making activities then put them in your weekly and daily schedules. A mentor can share with you a proven recipe you can follow. Most people who do not succeed are the ones that feel the free information is enough. They pull information from different platforms and don’t know the right order to put what they have researched. This is more costly than starting with a program your preferred mentor may offer.

  6. A mentor can help you keep moving forward to achieve your monetary goals by keeping you accountable. This is a great reason to join their community or tribe when you are trying to do this alone. Especially when no one in your family is supportive or no-one in your circle is moving in the same direction you are.

  7. Find a mentor. Choose a program, not a one-time event. You get better results from a program. This is why most gyms offer programs because they know doing the exercises will not create the habits that a 90 day or 6 months program will Be choosing to invest in a mentor at the beginning of your career will make all the difference in the paychecks you cash.

I am thankful for the mentors I invested in like Robert Allen author of No Money Down His first training cost me about $7000 Mike Ferry, real estate agents coach I started at $295 a month then $1000 a month but I made it all back and more I can name a few more but they all changed my lifestyle because they helped change my income However, I still had to do the work

Now I am able to pass on what I have learned through the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program You can talk to me or one of our other coaches to see if we are the right fit to work with each other in unleashing your real estate investing goals

Wendy Lovejoy Yellow

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