Yes, if you take full control of your future and not put it in the hands of someone else.

You want to learn more before you believe all that you’ve heard.  Most people get into real estate and start with wholesaling because they have heard that you don’t need money, experience, or credit to close a deal. However, in reality, you will need money, credit, and expertise, but it does not have to be your own.

Wholesaling is when you find a discounted property because of the condition or the situation. The seller MUST sell even if they will lose money.  Then you have to find a buyer that will pay cash, close quickly and pay more than the discounted price you paid for it.   You put it in the contract.   You are not selling the house to the end buyer; you are selling them your contract.  You then get to set a fee for the contract anywhere from a couple of thousand to much more depending on the equity that may be in the property as is or in its repaired state.   This is called wholesaling. When you wholesale, you need to find the MOTIVATED SELLER.

You do that by getting a list of potentially motivated sellers.  That list can run into a hundred. Then you have to market or call those motivated sellers.   Get them to want to work with you.   Then if they say yes, you need to create a list of CASH BUYERS; that can take time and marketing. Then comes the contract process.  Putting the deal in a contract can cost a few hundred dollars to a percentage of the sales price.  

Where do you get the cash?

Suppose you are looking to create a Real Estate Investing Business. In that case, you will need to create a business entity and get business credit.  This will give you access to credit you may not have thought was available to you because your credit is not strong enough for the banks or hard money lenders.  But with business credit, your business entity has its business profile. 

Our goal is to help you obtain the business credit profile that others want to give money to.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to see an email that is legit and says you have this card waiting for you. All you have to do is accept it.   That’s what building your business credit can do.  It can also help you close more deals because you earn more money to buy lists for cash buyers and motivated sellers. You have the money to build your brand and take your marketing to a bigger audience.

There will also be a lot of deals as we start exiting this season of Covid 19. You want to give yourself an edge. You want an advantage.  If you are anything like me and many other people I know who have lost a deal because they did not have all the funds they needed at their fingertips.  

Business Credit that gets access to Business Credit lines is the game-changer.    

Most people say they are cash buyers, but they still have to go through the channel of passing the Hard Money Lenders requirements, but what if you were the HDIC ( Head Decision Maker In Charge)? The buck could stop with you.  You can say this property fits my criteria. I can pull the trigger and get this deal closed because you would have all the credit lines and cash you need sitting and waiting for you to find the deal you approve of.

If any of the above is appealing to you, respond to this email, and we can set up a call with one of my coaches, who can explain the whole process to you.

No obligation, just information, but if you are ready to proceed, we can get you started on your Business Credit today no matter what your credit looks like.

Let’s arm ourselves with the cash the rise in foreclosures, probate, tired landlords, relocations, etc., will bring in the next few months.  It’s a step-by-step process that will work for you because it has worked for others. 

This team has been helping others get their Business Credit for over a decade.  They eat, drink and sleep credit repair.   

So let’s do this, let’s make your real estate wholesaling easier.

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