Can you Make Wholesaling easier?

Can you Make Wholesaling easier?

Yes, if you take full control of your future and not put it in the hands of someone else. You want to learn more before you believe all that you've heard.  Most people get into real estate and start with wholesaling because they have heard that you don't need...

5 Basics Steps to Real Estate Investing

Find a WHY that makes you keep going. Then find a DEALTalk to everyone that can make the transaction closeGet into the contract & closeCLOSE. Evaluate the deal 4 and BUILD your DREAM TEAMSelf-Improvement - the most crucial step. Choose a coach and/or a program...

Becoming a REIP Properties LLC Agent.

Becoming a REIP Properties LLC Agent.

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent  So, you want to become a real estate agent? Do you like going to open houses on the weekend? Do you watch every real estate show on tv? Do you listen to the answers to all real estate questions? You don’t want to work...

Producers Use Scripts

Producers Use Scripts

Top Producer's use scripts because they already know the benefits   1- When you are new, a script can help you focus on driving the conversation by, asking the right questions. Most newbies try very hard to wing it however, this can be costly as scripts...

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