Yellow letter Mentoring group program

Yellow letter Mentoring group program

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Would you like to succeed in real estate wholesaling but not sure where to start?

Are you looking to earn more money and free up more of your time?

You earn a good income over 75,000 in your 9 to 5 but want to work less hours. Or you don’t earn enough money to cover your current bills and know real estate wholesaling would change your lifestyle.

You want more time freedom to do more with your family or enjoy a hobby maybe even travel a bit. Or you just simply want a business you can work from home on your own terms.


This is exactly how Terrance felt

Until he enrolled in our program ….

2- Talk Too Much Teddy

Then there is the person who has called themselves a real estate investor but has not closed a deal yet. You have pulled together all the free information you could. You have implemented what you learned but not sure if you did it in the right order because you have not gotten a check yet.

If you see yourself in any of the above and you want do the work it will take get you on the other side of the frustration you have been feeling.


We can help you grow a profitable real estate wholesaling or investing business in a few steps.

Cash app they need my email which

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or they can use the to make the payment.


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My Story

In my 25+ years in the real estate industry after marketing the main thing is mastering conversations with sellers.  From those you know to cold calls and everything in between the right script is the gamechanger…  
When I got started in real estate my broker Chuck McGill of ERA McGill encouraged me to invest in my scripts and dialogues so I could get more listings and more deals. Deals I could wholesale or buy and hold. It changed my income and lifestyle and now I can help you change yours.

In the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program, you get

 ▪    Video of the month
▪    Roleplaying call of the week
▪    Accountability buddy
▪    Scripts workbook
▪    Worksheets
▪    Access to mentorship
▪    Private  Facebook  Page
▪    Q & A webinars & group trainings
▪    Learning Personality Types
▪    Every Script You Will Ever Need In Your Real Estate Investing Business
▪    Game-plan  Call As Soon As You Enroll
▪    Too Many Benefits To Mention


I purchased the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program and received my mailing list. I let it sit there. But every time I spoke to Wendy, she would tell me that until I do the steps, I would not close a deal So I finally stopped procrastinating and sent me letters out from California to Atlanta to a zip code I chose. I closed a deal two weeks after I started. I kept thinking there has to be something harder I needed to do. I was so surprised at how simple it was and how accessible Wendy and her team were. This was the perfect program for me. My confidence knowledge and experience has grown here. I feel confident I can do more deals. I also learned I can build a business I want to own.

of California & Atlanta

This program is valued at $997

You can enrol today for one payment of $497
2 equal monthly payments of less than $300 when you click the link below

Product costs is