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Real estate changed my life and my family’s. I know I can help you make sure real estate change your life and income.

Which of these are you?

1 – Are you brand new to real estate investing and need to find the easiest way to get started? The right way to find a good deal and close it. You have been online or even attended a real estate event in person or online. You are a go-getter but not sure what to do next to make money as an investor.  You had a great job and now with the shift in the economy, you want a great side hustle. You want real estate to be the business of choice but you feel lost?

You can succeed in real estate but you will need the right community. A community that supports and encourages your wins. The best coach for you is one that is in the field like you and wants to share so you can succeed as well.

2 – You have been in real estate for a while. You may have had a few closings but it’s not consistent. You work hard and lose more deals that you have closed. You find the sellers are not choosing you one other investor and you don’t understand why. Sometimes it feels like you are spinning your wheels.

You need systems and habits. the money-generating activities have to become a habit to change your lifestyle. And finding the 5 money generating habits is what this program is all about. We can help you enjoy the process as you grow your business. It is not your fault you are not making consistent money. We can help you figure it out and monetize your business.

3 – You have been in the business and you have closed a lot of deals. But you put in too many hours. You have no time for family or friends You’re in money-making mode and it’s still about the hustle for you. You close big checks then play catch up on bills or spend way too much on gifts to impress those you love. Then you are without money again. Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel you are running in circles?

You need to work on building the right team and templates so it is a system, not a hustle. We offer all of that in this program. I was like you until I created a business instead of another job. I developed a DREAM TEAM that you can have access to and no matter where in the world you are you can build your team, we show exactly what to do and where to find EXPERTS in their field then get them to want to work with you.

This program compliments every other program We focus on the basics, creating the foundation for your business and you will create a real estate investing history.

About the Founder

I have been in the Real Estate industry since 1992. Within 80 days, I was the top producer at ERA McGill in Queens, New York. My Broker at the time, Chuck McGill, suggested many training courses for me and, I completed them all.  Within a year, I had upgraded my home, car, and many of my relationships flourished. As a testament to the knowledge and mentoring that was poured into me, I opened my own office where we have trained thousands of agents and closed thousands of real estate deals.  I am ready to help you achieve the same success.

Wendy Lovejoy

I developed the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program for the many people out there like myself. I got into real estate because I wanted to take care of myself and my family but, I honestly knew nothing about the industry. My Broker and mentor, Chuck McGill, told me that cold calling and reaching out to expired listings was the best money generating activity I could master.  I called and got sellers to invite me to their homes to list or even to buy their homes for cash. It wasn’t just a listing or an investment deal for me; it was the money that I needed to pay my bills and take care of my family. I did not have a choice; Real Estate had to work.

Yellow Letter Mentoring

I made a lot of changes in myself and my business and this changed the trajectory of my life and my family. During this growth in my career, I had to learn to market and attract the most motivated sellers. The more motivated they were, the deeper the issue that would arise. I had to learn how to talk to motivated sellers so that they would choose me over the multitude of other real estate agents and investors.

This is how the Yellow Letter Marketing Program was established. You can browse through our FAQ or go to the link to see how we can help you live the life you see in your dreams. It starts with a simple decision to commit to your financial rescue. AND use real estate as the vehicle to help take money as the issue out of the way.

Achieving Your Goals

1, Be honest with yourself? Do you have a real game plan?

2, Do you have a STRONG Why? Yes, the reason you have to succeed, is it crystal clear yet?

4, Do you know how to find Motivated Sellers?

5, Do you know how to get Motivated Sellers to work with you?

6, Do you have your DREAM TEAM yet?

If any of these are a concern then this is the perfect program for you. We can help you develop the money-generating habits that ALL successful investors have.

Client Testimonials

Solomon says he was completely satisfied

He learned from the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program and Wendy so much and it has helped his business The scripts were extremely helpful.


Shannon Williams-Harmon of Dreams to Reality Keller Williams share why wendy lovejoy is her mentor

“Top Producing Agent Shannon Williams-Harmon of Dreams to Reality Keller Williams real estate shares how the yellow letter mentoring program and Wendy Lovejoy have changed her real estate”

Shannon Williams-Harmon

Thank You Wendy! “I Learned a lot from you and you were always there for me. I will forever have love for you my sister and friend you are absolutely family to me.
Today I am able to help others because of you spending time with me. I can’t thank you enough but through my journey I am honored you were there for me and I thank the Heavenly Father for putting you in my life. Sincerely Respectfully”

Love You!

P.J. Thomas, Jr US Army

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